Hi, my name is Luca and I work as a software engineer at Eurotech, Italy. I’m involved in Windows CE developing (BSP’s, device drivers) Windows XP Embedded and -less frequently in these times- Windows WDM driver developing.
Almost every day I can find a starting point for something interesting about those technologies to go into thoroughly: sometimes I find it in my department job tasks, sometimes I find it reading the questions posted on newsgroups, sometimes… there’s simply an interesting subject to study in depth!
This blog has been created to host a collection of technical annotations about the stuff I’m involved in, so that the annotations themselves do not get lost and can be -hopefully- useful to someone else.

Disclaimer 1: I’m italian so I apologize since the beginning for my english…
Disclaimer 2: If you will be so kind to read one of my posts and submit a feedback I’ll answer to you as soon as possible; Anyway technical questions may be more appropriately addressed to one of the MS forums that I monitor,like:


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