Learning Windows CE

Maybe you didn’t notice that Windows Embedded CE Developer Center web site has a Learn section: in this section you can find a lot of interesting content in various formats (video, text, slide presentations, MSDN links, etc.) about several Windows Embedded CE development areas, specifically:

  • General Content
  • OS Design & Build
  • BSP & Other Hardware
  • Application Development
  • Communication & Connectivity
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded

For each area you can find entry-level, intermediate and advanced content.

Some of the things you’ll find aren’t really new but the I think that having a lot of interesting information concentrated in a single site is valuable.  From the same site you can download the free guide to Windows Embedded CE Exam Preparation Kit written by MS and Adeneo and a free electronic copy of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Fundamentals book, by Stanislav Pavlov and Pavel Belevsky.

Last but not least, another interesting site, in my opinion is the Windows Embedded CE Developers Wiki , especially the BSP section.

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